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il catalogo – visitors to Operatoonity.com

Visitors to Operatoonity.com since August 18

Madamina, signore e signori,
Since I moved to Operatoonity.com last month,
The blog is now translate-able into seven languages,
So, a list of visitors I have compiled since the switch.
Observe, read along with me.

From Italy, seven and twenty;
In Germany, thirty-seven;
Forty-one in France; in Turkey, six;
But in the United States already one thousand, one hundred and forty-two.

And from 82 other countries, eight hundred and seventy-eight!

In winter I like fat visitors from Great Britain.
In summer I like thin visitors from Canada.
I call the tall ones from The Netherlands majestic.
The little ones from South America always charm me.

Be you French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Japanese, English, Canadian, or Indonesian, fat, thin, or an in-between size, I’m so glad you stopped by.

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