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fave Mozart works–the Twittersphere has spoken (part trois)

The delightful classical connoisseur @amzenon responded to my Tweet requesting the name of their very favorite Mozart piece, saying one word, “Figaro.”

Apparently, Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) was Operatoonity readers’ favorite, too, having won the favorite Mozart opera poll with more than 34% of the vote compared to next best, Die Zauberflöte, with 25%.

In the final installment of “Fave Mozart works,”  in honor of Mozart’s birthday, here is the overture to Le Nozze di Figaro performed by the Miyazaki International Music Festival Orchestra, 2009 (a splendid version, I might add). Hope you like it, too.

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fave Mozart works – the Twittersphere has spoken (part deux)

One of my newer Tweeties Molly S. from our nation’s capital (@operarocksme) said that Mozart’s Mass in C Minor was her favorite work by the feted composer.

So, here you go, world. Another favorite piece by Mozart, in celebration of his birthday.

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fave Mozart works–the Twittersphere has spoken (part one)

In honor of Mozart‘s 255th birthday, folks on Twitter poured forth with favorite compositions. So all day today, I’ll be sharing their picks with you.

The first comes from @proxli, aka Terry Moore, who cited Sinfonia Concerto K. 364 as a favorite.

Here’s a great version featuring Issac Stern(Violin), Pinchas Zukerman(Viola), Zubin Mehta(Conductor), New York Philharmonic Orchestra 1980

First we have part one:

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And part two, since you simply CAN’T stop after hearing part one:

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