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highlights from WRTI’s “Day at the Opera” Act I

I’m listening to WRTI’s “Day at the Opera.”  Some wonderful selections thus far. Yes, you have to endure the fundraising pitches today, but the snatches of music in between have been exquisite. You can listen too at http://www.wrti.org/listenlive.html.

Because I love my readers, I’ll spare you their fundraising patter and just share some of the pieces they’ve played thus far. Here’s an extraordinary version of the “Ave Maria” from Verdi‘s Otello sung by Mirella Freni.

YouTube Preview Image

Another delight this morning was hearing “Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici” from La Traviata. I know some think La Traviata is overdone and rightly so–there are many other operas worthy of production–but I never tire of the drinking song. Perhaps because I never tire of drinking. Here’s a glorious version by The Three Tenors.

YouTube Preview Image

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