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Placido or Clooney?

The American with George Clooney

Last night, as we were sitting in the backyard, enjoying the shank of the evening, my husband suggested going to the movies tonight to see George Clooney’s new movie, The American

Let me just say that my husband offering to take me to see a George Clooney movie is an event of epic proportions. That would be like me offering to watch a Sandra Bullock flick with my husband–times ten. 

Placido Domingo

This morning, thanks to the Twittersphere, I learned that BBC Two will present the live film version of Verdi’s tragic masterpiece Rigoletto, starring Placido Domingo in the title role. Rigoletto is set in the renaissance splendour of Mantua and its three acts will feature magnificent palaces and historical locations across the city. Act one begins at 19:15 today, BST. 

Now, I am in a quandary. Which should I choose? Clooney or Placido? As it turns out, I don’t have to choose. The nubile brunette featured al fresco with Clooney is actually actress Violante Placido. OMG, Clooney and Placido are together in a major motion picture! 

(Oh, and 19:15 BST is actually 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, too–if I have that figured out correctly). 

I CAN WATCH BOTH men–just not at the same time! The world is a beautiful place.


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