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if it’s Tuesday, ask Richard . . .

Dr. Richard Rohrer is the reigning expert regarding classic opera in the Rust Belt town of Hankey, Pennsylvania, the fictional setting for my comic novel, DEVILED BY DON, and of all things “Operatoonity.” Since Tuesday is “Ask Richard” day, we proffer the following musical question:

Dear Richard,

Is there any commonality to posts that have been most successful with Operatoonity readers?

Dying to know in Dayton

Dear Dying,

Good question. Actually, my analysis of the site suggests that Gale’s interviews with performers have been far and away the most popular posts. Here are the top three:

Meet LeandraOpera on Sunday Best–an interview with American singer/performer Leandra Ramm

Meet soprano Zita Tátrai tonight on “Operatoonity”–an interview with Hungarian-born singer, stage and film actress, and visual artist

Meet Kala Maxym, lyric soprano (and TOI principal)–an interview with an American soprano who is also the executive director of The Opera Insider, a new opera website.

One could surmise that these three interviews have been the most popular because all of the women are lovely, gracious, and talented. (That’s just good old-fashioned common sense.) But there are other reasons, too. All these women have what is called a “presence” on  the new Social Media. Therefore, it’s easy to say to their followers, “Click this link (off Facebook or Twitter), and you can read this profile about me at this blog,” et cetera, et cetera.

So, you see, they’ve made it sinfully easy for fans to stay abreast of their comings and goings by being visible on these social networking sites. Also, they can be seen on the YouTube channel, which is critically important these days. Some performers, believe it or not, have not taken the time or interest to post videos of their performances on YouTube. I’m no digital native, but even I know that we’re in the throes of a revolution in the ways we reach new audiences, and that being accessible through Social Media can only benefit performers in this century–even if they’re partial to music from other centuries.

Yours in classic opera appreciation,

Richard Rohrer

So, there you have it. Three female performers and opera insiders with “Google Juice” top the list for Operatoonity readers. Highest ranking posts start Sunday, August 8.

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