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why do women fall for bad boys?

Teddy Tahu Rhodes as Giovanni

Alpha males. Cads. Rakes. Men behaving badly. Whatever you call them, every woman knows them by their swagger. Just as Don Giovanni can claim to smell femininity, women can smell bad boys, too, literally and figuratively.  Women know what havoc bad boys can wreak in their hearts and lives and yet they still become involved with them…or secretly long to.  

What is it about bad boys women find so hard to resist?   

In a nice little article at Self-Growth.com, Chris Williamson lists seven reasons why women love bad men. Basically, Williamson contends bad boys are confident, adventurous men who appear to be in control but are always testing the boundaries–yours, theirs, and everyone else’s–all qualities women find very appealing.  

The opera Don Giovanni is based on the legend of Don Juan, who lived in the early Renaissance. Giovanni is the ultimate bad boy who’s broken hearts all across Europe. He’s had ninety-one women in Turkey alone, according to a funny line  from an aria sung by Giovanni’s manservant, who catalogs all the women his master has bedded (but never wedded). Yet, audiences never tire of hearing about or seeing Giovanni’s sexual exploits on stage. Baritones love to play the part. And audiences love watching a quintessential ladies man (especially when they look like Teddy Tahu Rhodes).   

Will women ever stop being attracted to bad men? Hard to say. Maybe, like me, they prefer to marry good men in real life, but I certainly hope they still long to escape with a bad boy in a good book. I have such a bad boy in DEVILED BY DON, my Argentine baritone Leandro Vasquez, who’s so good looking, he could definitely be a contender on www.barihunks.blogspot.com if he were a real opera singer and not just a character in a comic novel.   

Is Leandro Vasquez someone you want your daughter to date? Absolutely not. Is he fun to read about? I certainly hope so.

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