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the perfect opera for the marryin’ month in a sardonic world . . .

Lucia, the quintessential bridezilla


So, WEtv thinks they’ve got a lock on bridezillas?        

The cable network’s got nothin’ compared to the opera-sphere. You want a bridezilla? How about Lucia di Lammermoor, Donizetti’s murdering missus?        

Traditionally, June has been the most popular month for marriage, probably because the Roman goddess Juno, for which June was named, was also the goddess of marriage. (Perhaps the fact that roses are in bloom has something to do with it, too.)        

So, I find it perfectly ironic when opera companies and festivals like Arbor Opera Theatre present Lucia di Lammermoor in June. 

Sidebar: It actually premiered in September, on the 26th of the month in Naples in 1853, and was based on Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Bride of Lammermoor. It  is considered Gaetano Donizetti’s masterwork.        

If WEtv thinks brides who scream at their attendants are bridezillas worthy of Nielsen Ratings, how about a bride who murders the groom on their wedding night?        

So, gentle readers, any other bridezillas from operas–besides Lucia di Lammermoor? Or is Lucia the best of the worst?


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