Nathan Gunn as Sir Lancelot

Nathan Gunn as Sir Lancelot in the 2103 Glimmerglass Festival production of ‘Camelot’

I write reviews of live opera events for You can see  sample reviews that I’ve written  for  Bachtrack  here.

I consider everything I receive then pick and choose what I have time to cover and also what interests me. However, please give me at least several weeks notice, especially if the production is based outside of Eastern Pennsylvania.

I love to do interviews of performers and companies.  I have a lot of respect for opera singers and those who produce opera for a living. I like to think I write from the perspective of one who appreciates the demands of the profession. Performers or their publicists may email me directly if interested in an feature or showcase.

Lots of times I will send questions I’ve prepared via email, and all the interview subject needs to do is answer them and attach some photos.

I also profile new or upcoming releases and productions. Please send any review requests or news releases to

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