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don’t quote me . . .

Pierre Monteux (1875-1964)

I started my career as a violinist. When that became too difficult, I became a viola player. When that became too difficult, I became a conductor. And when I can no longer do anything, I will become a critic.  

–Pierre Monteux  

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Mozart, microbes, and sewage?

Mothers have played Mozart’s music to their infants–even to babies in the womb–to stimulate their ability to think. Can Mozart also stimulate human waste to produce more efficient microbes?

A sewage treatment plant in the German town of Treuenbrietzen believed that to be true. According to Spiegel Online, one of Germany’s most popular magazines, the town experimented with the effects of Mozart on microbes last summer. By playing Mozart on a custom stereo system that replicated the vibrations and sounds of a performance in a concert hall, they endeavored to spur on biomass-eating microbes to work higher performance levels.

They theorized that the sonic waves of the music, supplemented with oxygen in the treatment process, would  result in the microbes uniformly breaking down sewage faster, thereby saving money. Microbes fan tutti? The Magic Microbe? The Marriage of Microbes and Mozart? Think of the possibilities.

If Mozart can inspire biomass-eating microbes, think what his music might be able to do for your compost pile, your septic system, your plumbing.

Lacking any fancy sonic wave creating stereo system of your own, just don’t send your compost or your sewage to the nearest concert  hall to find out.

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