A night divine with James Valenti

James Valenti

James Valenti is a soloist at tonight’s Midnight Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Hey, New Yorkers, the world-renowned tenor James Valenti will be performing during Midnight Mass tonight, Christmas Eve, at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan.

Valenti will sing the traditional Christmas carol “O Holy Night.”

St. Patrick's cathedral

The world famous St. Patrick’s cathedral

If you don’t already have a ticket to Midnight Mass at St. Patrick’s, and you live in the tri-State area, Channel 11 will transport you there because there are simply no more tickets available.

Have a blessed holiday, Operatoonity readers, and those of you who live in New York/New Jersey, don’t forget to tune in to PBS tonight to hear one of America’s most celebrated young tenors sing a holiday favorite.

Yes, the fact that New Yorkers get to hear James Valenti sing tonight and I don’t proves that New York is the center of the universe!

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