an opera poll for Mozart’s birthaversary

Today, January 27, is the anniversary of the incomparable W. A. Mozart’s birth!

He was a most awe-inspiring composer–the gold standard by which composers were measured before and after. Of course, he wrote hundreds of other pieces outside of opera.

But in case you forgot, this blog is called “Operatoonity.”  By virtue of that fact, an opera poll is in order–just to drum up a little Mozart  b’day excitement.

All those in favor, please vote for your favorite Mozart opera below:


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9 Responses to an opera poll for Mozart’s birthaversary

  1. Gale

    That’s what the “Other” space is for, folks. For Entfuhrung if you like. Up to you.

  2. Mare


  3. Hi, Lucy. No votes for Zaide either, which premiered on this day in 1866. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  4. Interesting… I cast my vote for Zauberfloete, but was surprised and sad to see no voices for Idomeneo!