Triberr makes spintos of everyday bloggers

In the same way that tenors and sopranos with lovely vocal qualities might not have enough ping in their voices to reach the back of the opera house, sometimes really great opera bloggers’ posts go without a sufficient number of readers.

There are plenty of opera bloggers whose sites I’ve visited who have few or (even more commonly) no comments on their blogs.  If these bloggers are anything like me, they’ve put hours and hours into posts that maybe a handful of people read. How frustrating.

If only there were something bloggers could do, to make us spinto bloggers, to help our blog posts reach the back of the house every time and climb to the top of organic Google rankings.

There is, dear readers and bloggers. There is.

It’s called Triberr. The concept is simple: You join a tribe with bloggers you like. Everyone in the tribe (usually 8 0r 9 bloggers max) tweets out everyone else’s links. What makes me really like this concept is that not only do you have control over what tribes you join, ensuring that you aren’t promoting bloggers you don’t want to promote, but you also have the option to moderate the links you tweet out. So, even though it’s automation, it’s automation with a lot of moderation.

Since I also have a writing blog, I tried for months to get myself invited to a writing tribe–to no avail. I was hanging out on Twitter one night and replied to someone who wanted to be invited to a tribe. Lo and behold, I got an invitation to a great tribe whose followers total 8,000 on Twitter. Now, I have 630 followers on my @Gale_Martin Twitter account. But now that I’m part of a Triberr tribe, my blog posts get Tweeted to 8,000 followers every time. I’ve tripled hits on my writing blog and increased the number of followers on all my social media sites as a result. It would take me at least seven more years of Tweeting to get to 8,000 followers. I have that large of a reach now for blog posts because of Triberr.

Make no mistake. I blog because I enjoy it. But I sure enjoy blogging a lot more when there are people reading and responding to what I’ve written.

Now that I’ve been invited to a tribe, I get to be a chief of my own tribe, which is what I wanted to accomplish all along, since there were no opera/classical music bloggers tribe. So, I started a tribe of Best Opera Bloggers and happily recruited two tribe members in @artlifestiletto and @taminophile. I have about a half a dozen slots left, and for Triberr to really be effective, you need a full tribe.

I’m looking for intelligent, thoughtful bloggers who post about 3-8 times per month. Since I’m the chief, it’s my call regarding acceptances. I issued invitations to my Best Bloggers Tribe that sadly have gone unanswered.  That means if you have an opera or classical music blog, have a Twitter account, and are interested in being part of my tribe, give me a shout.  DM me on Twitter and let me know you are  interested in the Best Opera Bloggers tribe. Or leave a request in the comments along with the URL to your blog so I can check you out. And if you become a member of my tribe, you now have the privilege of also starting a new tribe of your own.

I love blogging, knowing I have an audience who appreciates what I do. Thanks to Triberr, I’m a spinto blogger, and I’ve never felt more loved.

* * *

If you want more info on Triberr and how other bloggers feel about it, here’s a great article!


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One Response to Triberr makes spintos of everyday bloggers

  1. Hi Gale,

    Thnx so much for writing about us 🙂

    Also, thnx for getting what Triberr is about. And last, but certainly not least, thnx for teaching me a new word. Spinto. Had to look it up. I’m glad I did.

    I would like to add a small correction. We’ve recently disabled the ability to request invites. An invite must be sent in order for anyone to get in.

    Have a high C kind of day 🙂