retro Met? (don’t quote me)

Plácido Domingo


The one thing I hate at the Met is the note in the program that the public is requested not to interrupt the music with applause. That should be destroyed. What we need is to be encouraged to applaud.
–Plácido Domingo 

Fast forward to 2011: Rules about applauding at classical music concerts appear to be relaxing. Even in the bastions of classical music like the Metropolitan Opera, you are likely to hear premature clapping.

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  1. Hmmm. I am all for enthusiastic, rowdy applause… also in foot-stamping, jumping up and down, and shouting and screaming with tears in your eyes, if that’s how a performance makes you feel. I don’t mind applause that’s an emotional eruption ‘interrupting’ the music, but the “oh the ‘song’ ended we have to clap now” reflex drives me BONKERS. (Can you tell? 😉 ) Ditto the applause before the last chord (or three!) has died away. I’ve been at concerts where I’ve wished to dance in the aisles, at operas where it’s a good thing there was a pit preventing me from throwing myself at the knees of the singers in gratitude… but premature clapping makes me grumpy. Sorry.