so, who all was interviewed on Operatoonity in its inaugural year?

And the first anniversary/birthday bash continues with a look at some special people profiled on this blog during the last year–more than a dozen individuals with different stakes in the world of opera. 

These interviews tended to be some of the most fun, energizing assignments. Nothing like creating operatunities for yourself to talk to interesting, multi-faceted people who live in and work in the world of opera.

Here are most of the folks who went under the Operatoonity magnifying glass in the past year with links to each of their scintillating interviews:

Operatoonity readers’ top five posts by views were Leandra Ramm (465 views), Margaret Garwood (298 views), Zita Tátrai (238 views), Cliff Bechtel (228 views) and Cecily Carver (200 views).

One thing that became readily apparent from analyzing my stats is that a social media presence definitely impacted the number of  views interview subjects received and can greatly enhance an artist’s visibility. For instance, Zita Tátrai has a robust Facebook following, and Cliff Bechtel has a strong Twitter presence.

Which was my favorite interview? I’ll never tell. In truth, I enjoyed them all and learned something new from each one and delighted they shared some of themselves on this space.


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3 Responses to so, who all was interviewed on Operatoonity in its inaugural year?

  1. Stephen Llewellyn

    Congratulations on a great year! I am honored to have been one of your interviewees – though despondent at not having made your end-of-the-year list 🙁 I am looking forward to much more fun reading of Operatoonity in the coming twelve months.

    • Gale

      My apologies, Stephen. I will add you in. I did repost your interview in September of 2011. That’s the only danger of a round-up–leaving out an interview. Happy New Year.

    • Gale

      As it turns out, I had forgotten Zerbinetta, too, so I added her in.