o holy Vittorio

Not in the holiday spirit? I got a head start on my holiday decorating this weekend, which is always more important to me than holiday shopping. Besides, I’m more inclined to be a Cyber Monday shopper anyway. Who can shop if you’re not in the holiday spirit? How can you get in the holiday spirit without having your home decorated?

As I gaze at my decorated tree from the local tree farm and my little angel collection, I am ready for a little holiday music to start my day.

Here’s a YouTube clip from November 27, an absolutely glorious holiday concert in Dresden featuring the equally glorious Vittorio Grigolo singing “Panis Angelicus” (or “Bread of Heaven”). I was first introduced to this song as a child, from the Firestone Presents Your Favorite Christmas Music series as sung by Franco Corelli. My parents had all the albums. I remember sitting on the floor by the stereo speakers, listening over and over again to my favorites and singing along.

If you’re not yet in the holiday mood, use this E-Z pass–a stunning venue, beautiful music, and of course, two lovely  pieces sung by the incomparable Vittorio Grigolo.

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