what your favorite Thanksgiving food says about you

Happy Thanksgiving, to all my American friends! And to other friends from around the world, I wish you the spirit of Thanksgiving today.   

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday–I’m kind of spiritual about it. So, let me take a minute to thank you all for visiting my blog and especially for commenting. Thanks also to those who allowed me to interview them in the last ten months. I learned a great deal and in some cases made friends for life.   

If like me, you love Thanksgiving, then this meme is for you!

You Are Friendly and Cooperative


You love the togetherness of Thanksgiving, and you like adding your own little something to the group dynamic.   

Like stuffing, you do a good job complementing and cooperating with others. When you’re on your own, you’re a little lost.You are old fashioned and love traditions. You like to remember the holidays of your childhood and replicate them as much as possible.   

You think that passing down customs is important. Even if everyone at the table doesn’t like stuffing much, it should still be served. 


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