how about COC’s indie pop & opera mashup!

Indie darlings Broken Social Scene and members of the Canadian Opera Company (COC’s) Ensemble Studio are combining forces for a truly special special event, Operanation VII, Cinderella: Rock the Ball. Operanation takes place at the beautiful Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on October  29.  So, pack your sedans and head to Toronto, one of the most vital opera meccas in North America.

The theme of this event is inspired by the opera La Cenerentola, the Cinderella story as written by Rossini. It includes a special (sold-out) VIP dinner before the party. Tickets are $150.

The evening’s performances will include triple-threat Clara Venice, Canadian artist who is an electric violinist, theraminist, and vocalist, who will give a special performance when the clock strikes midnight. Her style has been described as “electro-pop-meets-cabaret-show,” and she’s planning a special genre-bending performance. She’s keeping some of the details of her midnight performance under wraps: “I’ve created something extra-special and never-yet-performed, so expect a few surprises.”

We also have it on good authority that the audience is in for another surprise–that there will be two drag queens playing the roles of the “ugly stepsisters.”

Parlando, the COC Blog, has Q&As with Ambur Braid and Wallis Giunta, who will sing with Broken Social Scene, as well as a behind-the-scenes perspective from Barney Bayliss on preparing the Four Seasons Centre for the party and a primer on the work of Clara Venice.

Fashion designers and jewelers dressing the artists include Evan Biddell, Farley Chatto, McCaffrey Haute Couture, and Myles Mindham. The cocktails and appetizers will be provided by Rose Reisman Catering.

Does this sound like a can’t miss event or what? Canadian Opera Company, stop back with pix from this fabulous fall event that we know without a doubt is going to Rock the Party.


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2 Responses to how about COC’s indie pop & opera mashup!

  1. J.

    Hi Gale,

    I really don’t like this mixing of pop culture with opera.

    The great operas will never be a medium of wide popularity; their appreciation and enjoyment will always be confined to a very narrow segment of the population. They will always be an “elite” entertainment because it takes a good amount of mental effort and patience to ‘assimilate’ them.

    This is why efforts to draw in “new” audiences by using the same marketing techniques as are used for pop culture are not only doomed to failure, but are fundamentally pernicious because they usually end up misrepresenting or trivializing the opera culture they intend to promote.

    By the way, the scientists who mapped the human genome say that ‘aesthetic perception and sensitivity’ is largely programmed in (genetic). Like an aptitude for mathematics (or other activity), you either have it or you don’t and therefore it is useless to assign blame or censure. People who love and appreciate opera are not superior to those who don’t. If it dies out it will be rediscovered and reinvented.

  2. I’ll be working at this party (and hopefully do some tweeting) and I’m pretty excited. Hope I’m in a good position to see the show!