which opera character am I?

My Result: The Dew Fairy from Hansel & Gretel
on quiz: Which Opera Character Are You?

You are a goody goody two shoes. Just like the dew fairy sprinkles her magic everywhere, you know how to brighten everyone’s day. You are always dressed to impress and are a ray of sunshine. You love animals and see the good in everyone.

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The Dew Fairy? Seriously?

Could be worse, I suppose. I could have been the Fortune Teller from Un Ballo in Maschera.

And how about you? What opera character are you?


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5 Responses to which opera character am I?

  1. Marguerite from Faust, “a true damsel in distress.” The description sounds nothing like me! But the questions are odd. What’s your most valuable possession: pet (haven’t got one), IPod (haven’t got one), GPS (haven’t got one), so I had to choose bank account instead of “health,” “house,” or “that great coat I got at Harrods in 1984 that still kind of fits if I hold my stomach in.”

  2. Don G.? How on earth did you get Don G. Are you a sex fiend? What did it say, cookie? Dying to know why the meme thinks you’re Don G.

  3. Egads! This test said I was like Don Giovani! I’ve got to work my image! Too much fun!

  4. That sounds just like you, you hard-driving businesswoman. Thanks for visiting Operatoonity. Catch you in a few. 🙂

  5. I am just like Tamino proves his worthiness through Sarastro’s trials, you prove your worth everyday by stepping up and taking charge. You will walk through fire to save the one you love. You are loved by all who are fortunate to meet you.

    I can try to achieve what this survey thinks I am like.