if it’s Tuesday, ask Richard…

Dr. Richard Rohrer is the reigning expert regarding classic opera in the Rust Belt town of Hankey, Pennsylvania, the fictional setting for my comic novel, DEVILED BY DON. Since Tuesday is “Ask Richard” day on opera-toonity, we offer the following musical question for your operatic edification.      

Dear Richard,       

Which classical opera composer was the most prolific? Verdi? Puccini? Wagner?      

Curious in Coyville, Kansas      

Dear Curious,      

Verdi and Puccini are both marvelous guesses. But not correct. According to my sources, Verdi wrote nine operas, Puccini wrote ten, and Wagner wrote eleven, even if you count each work in The Ring of the Nibelung separately. The correct answer to your question is . . . (waiting for drumroll) . . .  French composer Massenet!  Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet (May 12, 1842 – August 13, 1912) wrote thirteen operas, the best known being Manon and Werther.      


Dr. Richard Rohrer        


Manon, Scottish Opera, 2009


P.S.  Of course, I can name all thirteen of Massenet’s operas. I’m that smart. But if you know others besides Manon and Werther, why don’t you leave those titles in the comments?      

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