don’t quote me…

New York City Opera's 'Don Giovanni'

Tenors are noble, pure and heroic, and get the soprano, if she has not tragically expired before the final curtain.  But baritones are born villains in opera. Always the heavy and never the hero.”
—Leonard Warren      


(dedicated to all my new tenor friends in cyberspace–Twitter, Everyday Opera, et. al)


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3 Responses to don’t quote me…

  1. HA ha! I know – i still prefer tenors – and of course there is Placido

  2. And usually – the baritones are the tall handsome ones (no offense to tenors!)

    • Gale

      Oh, Dody! All my tenor friends are going to crucify me if I don’t rush to their defense. Some tenors who heard my radio interview were very disappointed that I don’t have a tenor in my book. Tenors rock, too.