Harry Potter’s next stop? Opera?

Daniel Radcliffe


When I read about Daniel Radcliffe returning to Broadway next spring in How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, it got me thinking. Why not a Harry Potter opera as a way to reach out to the next generation of operagoers?      

Well, composer Tiffany Moon is way ahead of me–apparently. Years ahead.      

Moon, who is a composer, has completed a seven-part opera cycle based on the Harry Potter books. So far she has been denied permission from Rowling as well as Warner Bros. to conduct the opera, but is holding out hope that permission may be eventually given. You can read the rest of the story about Moon’s quest here.      

This could take a long time to play out. Richard Yates’ first novel Revolutionary Road was written in 1962 and finally made it to the Silver Screen in 2008. That’s only forty-six years. Maybe when I’m in my nineties and Moon is in her thirties, I’ll be taking the train to New York City to attend the Harry Potter Opera Cycle Première.      

In the meantime, we can chew on some published audio from one of the operas in Moon’s cycle for a decade or two.


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2 Responses to Harry Potter’s next stop? Opera?

  1. Oh, man! I, too, have been thinking about penning the libretto of a Harry Potter opera, only I would’ve just picked dramatic highlights from the seven books, like the scene within the Chamber of Secrets. Well, nice to know that someone has written a seven-cycle Harry Potter opera! It should see the light of day eventually. Either Rowling will relent, or the opera will be produced decades from now when the books finally fall into the public domain.

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